ludomanPaul Buck is a former ten year old ludoman, now the founder of Epic Risk Management, a company that helps fight addiction. He has been through all the trouble they go through, so he has a good idea of how effective the British regulator’s methods are.  I was working my way up the ladder at one of the biggest banks in Europe while suffering from pathological gambling addiction. In that decade I transferred £5 million to 93 gambling accounts. I lost £1.3 million and experienced all the negative effects coming out of it, including attempted suicide and imprisonment. He believes the British regulator’s decision to ban credit card gambling is correct. He himself used 16 credit cards for a decade that had a credit limit of 180,000 pounds. And he constantly charged them for casino deposits and then paid them back if he won. And this despite the fact that he was making good money as a successful bank employee. Overall, he says credit cards played a big role in the development of the problem. Disposing of such money and playing in the Play Fortuna Casino can win large sums. 

Paul Buck believes that by using credit cards, people are spending money on gambling that they can’t afford to lose. But according to him, it’s not a cure-all, just a way to eliminate some percentage of irresponsible gambling, and the addiction problem will remain. And there are workarounds that addicts use to get around the ban on credit cards. And these loopholes will remain until the financial industry gets involved in the fight against gambling addiction. 

He said that all of his gambling transactions, which ended up amounting to 5 million pounds, he made from a single bank account. And because this money was being transferred to 93 operators, each of them individually could not see the problem. While the bank had a clear view of the gravity of the situation. By having information about how much people spend in general on gambling, banks could fight the problem more effectively. So the financial industry and the gambling industry have to work together. Whereas now all the work is left to the gambling operators. And reliable online casinos like Softswiss casino, try to provide maximum comfort to its new and regular customers.